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Here is just some of what you will get within Elite Speed Academy:

Elite Speed Academy Success:

Sorry I ever doubted your program! All I have done so far is change my sprint technique to your standards and I already took .2 seconds off my 40 and 10 yard times. Can't wait to see where I'll be at after 13 weeks! - Daniel Anderson

I really appreciate these tips you keep giving. My 40 time has dropped from 5.0 to 4.7 because of your tips. Thank you for everything! - Timothy Birt

I gave this program everything I had and was happy with the results. Took my 40 from 4.8 to 4.5 - Mike Mandl

I went from a 34" to a 39" vertical. It even decreased by 40 from a 4.53 to 4.41 - Darien Ford

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